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One of our members shared a site with us that some of you may want to check out?

It's called GEEKLURV and it's a new dating site dedicated to the nerd/artist/"geek" culture.

Anyone interested should check out this post… by TitanesqueCosplay.
Hi there,

After a long and thorough discussion, the mods and I have decided to open our "Anti-Hero" folder.

We've received a lot of enthusiastic feedback about this folder and who should be designated for it.

The definition of Anti-Hero becomes quite complicated with Gotham City's active cast. We looked at the solidarity of a character's career and their goals to truly determine if they fit the "Anti-Hero" role. We also took into consideration the frequency of character misplacement in our previous system.

As of now, these are the characters we've deemed appropriate for the Anti-Hero folder:
  • Red Hood/Wing Man (Jason Todd)
  • Catwoman (Selina Kyle; MODERN version only)
  • Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley and Michael Lane)
  • Scarlett (Sasha)

It should go without saying that Jason Todd's Robin or Catwoman's more infamous villain-era depictions can still be submitted under  the appropriate "Hero" or "Villain - Female."

We're not taking suggestions at this time, but considerations might be made in the future.

I hope this clears up a lot of confusion. We're open to any questions and will (as normal) do our best to help with any redirection confusion.

-Brian Danger
Thank you to everyone who applied.

I was very pleased to see so much enthusiasm and applications come our way.

Please welcome the group's new contributors:
:iconmyconius: :icontifalockhartfangirl: :iconpoorking:

Do your best! :dance: :batman:
With the group becoming more and more active, a larger amount of administrators becomes more necessary.

We now required more people to go through queues and vote on submissions!

  • Experience with DA's group voting system
  • Active on DeviantArt at least every 2 days
  • Good with people
  • Able to communicate and deal with angry people
  • Strong familiarity with Batman Family

Please send a note introducing yourself to :iconb-dangerous: Detail any past experience you've had with groups and why you feel you'd make a good member of the team. Follow up questions may be asked. :)

We're looking for at least two people, but three might be added.

:iconappreciatesart: is interested in having people check out and take part in their new Batman Meme!

You can find the link here:…

Have fun! :D

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